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Katya H. Bailor, MD

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Deep Cleansing Facial

Ideal for those prone to break-outs and skin congestion. Steam treatment with facial scrub, extractions of clogged pores, use of moisture-rich masque followed by therapeutic facial massage.

European Facial

Experience a steam treatment that penetrates and cleanses deep into the skin with a 10% glycolic exfoliation to remove impurities and promote a healthy glow. Finish the treatment with a hydrating masque and relaxing facial massage.

Mini Facial

Begin with a steam cleansing, then application of a masque chosen for your skin type and finishing with a moisturizing treatment. A great facial for the woman on-the-go.

Glycolic Peel

An intensive treatment designed to rapidly exfoliate the epidermal cells, clarifying the complexion, reducing fine lines and hyperpigmentation. Finish this experience with a hydrating, regenerating masque and a light massage. This treatment is ideally offered in a series of 5 for maximum effectiveness.


Presenting the original skin renewal process. Microdermabrasion is the non-chemical, non-surgical European approach to treat fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, acne scars and other superficial skin blemishes. Refresh, renew, revitalize your skin with Parisian Peel. Includes a cool, soothing masque and light massage.

New! HydraFacial treatment – great for deep cleansing or acne care

Using our new HydraFacial machine, our technicians can infuse serums that will leave your skin clean, soft and glowing. This gentle treatment is great for pain-free removal of blackheads, whiteheads, or debris that is clogging pores. Not only does it clean the skin, but it then infuses special serums that leave the face feeling nourished and moisturized. Often teen or adult-acne skin markedly improves after a series of HydraFacials. HydraFacial is an excellent treatment to use in conjunction with the medications prescribed by your dermatologist or with our own Obagi Clenziderm system for acne.

Waxing and Tints

  • Brow tinting
  • Lip waxing; Chin waxing
  • Full Face waxing

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Permanent Make up by Esthetician and Permanent Make up Artist Wyndee Harp at Vero Cosmetic Surgery and Medispa.

How would you like to wake up made-up? Permanent make up on the lower eyelids, upper eyelids, eyebrows, lip liner, or lips can be obtained with one or two sessions with Wyndee in our sterile, safe medispa. Wyndee uses a highly effective topical anesthetic cream to numb the area being permanently colored. Wyndee is skilled at producing a subtle, lovely made up look. Come in today for a consultation and our pricing packages.

About Wyndee Harp

What is Permanent Makeup or Micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is permanent application of pigment or colored ink into the skin. If you have permanent make up, the result looks as if you have used your cosmetic pencil or lipstick. You may choose a soft and natural color or go for a more dramatic and defined look. Wyndee Harp is noted for applying pigments in a conservative manner in the initial treatment. Additionally Wyndee is one of the most skilled in the area in applying the pigment in the correct area of brows, eyelids or lips to give a natural look. She can expand the result in further applications if the client wishes. Normal makeup may be applied over permanent makeup for special occasions.

Permanent color is also used to replace the nipple and areola’s natural color after a breast reconstruction surgery. This gives a natural look to the reconstructed breast.

Does It Hurt?

The procedure is comparable to plucking or waxing. For treatments on upper eyelids, there will be slight pressure against the closed eyes. A very effective topical anesthetic is applied which eliminates pain in most patients. Although each person’s tolerance level is different, most people will agree that it is more comfortable than anticipated.

Is It Safe?

Yes. The procedure is doctor-supervised and follows strict hygiene and sterilization procedures. Following OSHA guidelines, we use only single-use sterile needles and use hypoallergenic pigments widely used by cosmetic surgeons.

How Long is Recovery Time?

Since Micropigmentation is a superficial procedure, there is very little recovery time. Some individuals my experience slight swelling or bruising for a day or two, but it is rarely even noticed by family or friends.

Is it Expensive?

It depends upon the amount of work required. Since an eyeliner procedure can last for decades, think of the savings in cosmetic purchases, worry and time.

Who Benefits from Micropigmentation?

Individuals who have:

  • An active lifestyle
  • Contact lenses
  • Visual impairments
  • Hay fever or watery eyes
  • Little or no brow hair
  • Uneven brows or lips
  • Difficulty applying makeup
  • Unsteady hands
  • Scars from trauma or surgery
  • Cosmetic allergies
  • A strong desire to always look your best

Wyndee will be happy to help you with all of your skin care needs, including deep cleansing facials, make-up application and consultation, safe chemical peels, microdermabrasion, HydraFacial, waxing, and permanent makeup application. Our professional skin care and cosmetic product lines include Jane Iredale® Mineral MakeUp, Obagi Skin Rejuvenation systems, the Vero Cosmetic line of cosmeceuticals and sunscreens, and Neova® ProCyte® skin care products.

Gift Certificates are always available

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