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Mini Facelift

Genetics, sun exposure, habits such as smoking, or other lifestyle factors can affect how quickly a face might age.  Regardless of these factors, ALL faces, unfortunately,  are  going to eventually age on the outside, losing elasticity and increasing in folds, wrinkles, loss of muscle tone and volume.   But you still feel so young on the inside, don’t you? 

Perhaps you are thinking of a facelift  because of one of these factors:

  Job in the public eye

Or you just want to look on the outside more like you feel on the inside.    Mini Facelift is an option:

Mini Facelift or "Facetime Lift"

We like to call it the "Facetime Lift."  It's a mini facelift procedure that lifts those folds and jowels that you see when you look downward and see your image on a phone screen or a computer screen during a Skype conference.  Don't want to see that?  

The mini-facelift from Dr. Katya Bailor at Vero Cosmetic  freshens the appearance of the face by lightening the nasal labial folds between the nose and mouth and elevating the jowels at the chin line.  This procedure has a relatively quick recovery time and the man or woman who has this procedure can be back out in public much faster.   The result of the mini facelift  is smoother skin in the lower portion of the face  and a well-rested, younger look.

After acquainting yourself with the procedural information provided on our site, we invite you to call us at 772.562.2400  to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bailor today-or you can email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

During your personal consultation, Dr. Frazier will help you understand every aspect of a "Facetime Lift" or mini-facelift. We will ask for your medical history and Dr. Frazier will discuss the factors that can make your personal face look refreshed and rejuvenated. Your unique facial features and personal goals will help Dr. Frazier determine which procedural strategies will best achieve the results you want.

Mini Facelift surgery is performed in our operating suite at 1255 37th St. Ste. D., Vero Beach, FL.  Local anesthesia with minimal  oral sedation to alleviate pain or fear is used and you can be driven home by a friend or family member within hours of your surgery. 


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